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1.Like our 79.9USD free shipping line,countries also have a TAX-free line.

Here some info about this line(Updating years by years)

Country TAX(All) free line Customs free line
U.S.A. <200 USD <800 USD
Canada <20CAD <20 CAD
United Kingdom <15GBP <135GBP
E.U. <22EUR <22EUR
Australia <1000 AUD <1000 AUD
Japan <80USD <80USD
Singapore <307USD <307USD
Mexico <50USD <300USD
New zealand <308 USD <308USD


2.Customs rate changes from year to year ,from place to place.

The Delivery company will ask for the TAX,you will know at that time.

 For example

U.S.A. 6.5%cost+7.5%addtional duty
Canada 6.5%cost+6%~15%(cost+duty)from states to states
E.U. 5~25%
U.K.  6%CIF+20%VAT
Australia 5%Cost+10%CIFD
New zealand 5%COST+15%CIFD
Japan 3.4%~5.8%+7.8%+2.2%
Singapore 7%CIFD
Mexico 16%

Use HS code to check customs rate. 

Item HS Code 
Flag 3926.90
Metal Pole Kit 7326.90







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